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nTopic Writer

  1. Get a Free API Key: Click Here to register for a free API key.

  2. Using the Free Writer App:
    1. Visit the Page: Writer App.
    2. Type in Your API Key: use the API key given when you previously registered.
    3. Type in Your Keywords: choose as many keywords as you like, one per line.
    4. Write Content: Write your article or copy and paste it. You will need at least 25 words to get a score returned. If you are using a paid API, you will also get recommended keywords.
    5. Press "Update Score": The score and information on the right hand side will update to help guide you in writing more relevant content.

nTopic for Wordpress

  1. Free Download: Click Here to Download a Copy of nTopic for Wordpress.

  2. Installing nTopic for Wordpress:
    1. Unzip unzip the file to your computer.
    2. Upload the nTopic folder: upload the nTopic folder to your wp-content/plugins directory.
    3. Activate the Plug In: Log in to your Wordpress Admin, click on "Plugins" and click "Activate" next to nTopic by Virante.
    4. Add your API Key: Click on "Settings", choose "nTopic" and add your API key. Click here to get an API Key.

  3. Using nTopic for Wordpress:
    1. Start a New Post or Edit an Old Post: You will need to write at least 20 words before nTopic can begin to accurately measure relevance.
    2. Add a Keyword: In the nTopic box on the right side, add your keywords, comma separated.
    3. Click "Find Score": This will send your article and keywords off for analysis. Analysis can take up to 30 seconds.
    4. View Results: If you are using the free API, you will only see a score. If you are an nTopic subscriber, you will see recommended words to include and remove from your post to increase topic relevancy.

nTopic for Chrome

  1. Free Install: Click Here to Install a Copy of nTopic for Chrome.

  2. Setting Up nTopic for Chrome:
    1. Update Settings: Click into "Options" link next to the nTopic extension your Chrome extensions page (file>tools>extensions) and then copy and paste your API Key.
    2. Close the Options Tab.

  3. Using nTopic for Chrome:
    1. Visit Any Page on the Web.
    2. Click the nTopic % button in the Toolbar: This will trigger the keyword entry drop-down.
    3. Type in Your Keyword(s): Comma separate multiple keywords.
    4. Click "nTopic": This will the page content and keywords off for analysis. Analysis can take up to 30 seconds.

nTopic for

  1. Website:

  2. Setup: none needed, features provided by application w/o need for API key.

  3. Using nTopic for Broken Link Building:
    1. Create a Campaign.
    2. Visit Opportunities Page.
    3. Filter Opportunities based on nTopic Grade for Link Prospect Relevancy.