Pardon our dust as nTopic transitions into Relevancy Rank.

nTopic The Content Relevancy Score

API Tiers

Features Free Paid
API Access x x
Find Score x* x
Wordpress Plugin x x
Chrome Extension x x
Keyword Recommendations x
Keyword Exclusions x
Private Releases x
* Score based on random selection of 250 words from provided content.

API Documentation

  1. Getting an API Key: To use the Paid nTopic API, you will need to get an API key. This is easy to do. Just register for an account. The free API does not require a key, but has fewer features.

  2. Creating a Valid Request: The nTopic API accepts a simple HTTP POST request accepting the following variables.
    1. apikey: (required for full features). This is the API key you are provided after registering.
    2. keyword: (required) This is your keywords, comma-separated.
    3. content: (required) This is your textual content. If you are using the free API, only a random sample of 250 words will be analyzed.
    4. method: (optional) Use 'method=free' in your api call if you are using the free API. This is unnecessary if using the paid api.

  3. The API Response: The nTopic API response is provided in simple XML format
    1. id: your session id.
    2. words: list of words to add to improve relevancy.
    3. negative: words you may wish to remove to improve relevancy.
    4. time: the execution time.
    5. result: your nTopic relevancy confidence score.
    6. error: any errors.

Sample Response