Pardon our dust as nTopic transitions into Relevancy Rank.

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Copy and paste your API key below and type in the keywords for which you would like to optimize. Then you can copy/paste your content, such as an article you are writing, or the content (not the source code) of a webpage you are optimizing.

To generate the initial keyword suggestions, you will need to check your score by clicking the "Update Score" button. You should aim for a score of 99%. Please do not click this button repeatedly as it may take some time for the tool to perform all the science necessary to calculate a score and suggest terms to include or remove, and clicking this button will cost you an nTopic API credit.

You will notice suggested topically relevant words to use in your content will appear on the right hand side. These keywords will change color, from dark red to pink to green, as you get closer to the "ideal" usage in your content. The goal is to match your ratio with the ideal ratio, which will update the topically relevant words to a green background.

After you feel confident in your content, you can recalculate the score to see if you have reached 99%. Please note that calculating the score does debit your account 1 nTopic api credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Good Score?
    The onTopic score asks the following question: what is the likelihood that your content will be more related to your keywords than a random document. If you have a score of 85%, that means that 15% of the time a random article will be more relevant than your content. You should strive to create an onTopic score of 99% or greater.

  • My Scores Changed Since Last Time
    The onTopic score is based on an English language model that we rebuild from time to time. It is possible that your score has changed because of this. Additionally, we greatly modified how the score is created on February 27th, 2011, so you should expect to see different scores from before that date.

  • Should I Update My Content if the Score Doesn't Change?
    Ultimately, you should be writing content for your readers. Don't add keywords just for the sake of adding keywords. Look at the recommended list and see if there are words or phrases that make sense in your document which you have not yet added. You can always increase your score by fractions of a point, but you shouldn't sacrifice the value of your opy just to push up your score slightly.

  • How long should I wait while it runs?
    There is a lot of "thinking" going on behind the scenes to generate these recommendations. Sometimes the system does "hang", so please be patient and if it seems to struggle generating a score, you might click in and add/delete a few words and then click update score. Sometimes copy/pasting content runs into issues that hangs the system. Ultimately, you should expect to wait about 30 seconds, and then reload if it is a problem. You can always contact support if you think there is an issue.