Pardon our dust as nTopic transitions into Relevancy Rank.

nTopic The Content Relevancy Score

How nTopic Helps

Improve Existing Content

The content on your site can always get better - it can be better in terms of conversions, or quality, or relevancy. nTopic helps ensure that your content is as topically relevant as possible. By submitting your content and your keyword through nTopic we determine statistically how relevant your content is to the keyword and make recommendations on how to improve it. Getting your nTopic score is completely free, but you must upgrade to get access to keyword recommendations.

Discover Relevant Terms

nTopic uses a model of the English language to determine words that are expected to occur disporportionately in relation to the keywords or phrases for which you are trying to work. With the paid version of nTopic, we provide to you the words you should include in your document to increase topical relevancy up to the target level of 99% relevant.

Exclude Off Topic Words

Often in the course of writing you choose to use words that just are not related to the subject matter. While this is certaily OK to a degree, you may want to remove the ones that never occur in documents related to yours. The paid nTopic API will do just that - finding words that you ought to remove to prevent lowering your content relevancy.

Earn Better Rankings

Yes, you can actually earn better rankings by using nTopic. We recently completed a study that on average a page will see a 4% lift in organic search traffic by merely including the nTopic recommended words.